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E. William Podojil

E. William Podojil’s “The Poseidon Project” is more than a mystery story. There’s breathtaking adventure, unexpected plot twists, and even a bit of exotic romance. Podojil also includes some sincere family dynamics, showing how relationships between parents and children can change and evolve. It’s a dense story, with many threads weaving together towards an exhilarating conclusion. Podojil does a fantastic job of making the settings real and the tension palpable. He starts the story slowly, introducing characters and plot elements, and once the pieces are all in place things begin to take off. I appreciate how well he built his characters, giving them faults, making them misinterpret intentions, and having them say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Of course, the fact this has “Book One” in the title alludes to there being more stories in the future. “The Poseidon Project” wraps up cleanly, but the characters seem poised for another adventure once again to break up the monotony of their cozy lives. I recommend this book to lovers of good adventure/mysteries and stories with interesting and unexpected twists. It’s a satisfying tale that keeps readers engaged. Richard Bist - Reader Views

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Worldwide Release 8/26/24
The Poseidon Project
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